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Merry Christmas!


5-6kg whole turkey roasted with stuffing, roasted vegetables and baby potato, black pepper gravy, creamy lemon sauce, and cranberry sauce.

Dine-in, pick-up, and delivery available. Service and delivery charges apply.

Pre-order now open for pickup/delivery Nov-Dec 2023.

Order now to chope yours!

A Berita Mediacorp production exploring how Christmas is celebrated among the Muslim community in Singapore.


While Christmas is not celebrated in Islam, celebrating Christmas is a family tradition in many countries. By having halal turkeys, converts/reverts get to still enjoy the holidays with their families. Companies can also hold their end-of-year parties with their Muslim employees, by having halal turkeys!


At T Bob's Corner, we provide halal turkeys for all events! Family gatherings or corporate parties, we host, as well as deliver to your venue!

DM us on instagram for enquiries!

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